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Hoteling - $350/month/per person

  • Open seating

  • Variety of lounge and table seating

  • Desk seating where available

  • 12 credits/month toward pods and rooms*

Designated desk - $550/month/per person**

  • Assigned private desk space

  • 20 credits/month toward rooms*


Designated Large Pod - $1800/month***

  • Assigned private office (has one desk and up to 3 people max for a meeting)

  • 30 credits/month toward rooms*


Designated Office - $4500/month***

  • Assigned private office - fits 4 desks or 10 at a table max 

  • currently shown as meeting rooms on the plan

  • 60 credits/month toward rooms*

Pods and Conference Room Hourly Drop-Ins

  • $40/hour for a three-person pod

  • $75/hour for a six to ten-person conference room 

  • $100/hour for a large conference room (up to 40) 

All booking and billing is done through the Optix App

*Additional room credits available for $20/2 credits
**Equipment rentals available: Monitors, headphones, cameras, etc.
***Inquire about availability

Looking for a plan not listed?  Contact us

6-month agreement intervals

floor plan
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